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Practice Areas

I am dedicated to providing you with expert, cost-effective and personalized customer service that is as unique as you are. No two tax returns or businesses are alike, and I tailor my services to each client based on your individual needs. 

Individual Tax

The goal of individual income tax service is to prepare and file a complete and accurate tax return in full compliance with the law, while taking advantage of every legal option to minimize your taxes and give you peace of mind. Contact me for a free tax organizer.

Services include:

  • Providing no-cost tax organizers to help you get started, obtain records, and provide them to me to help ensure the most complete and accurate tax return

  • Preparing and filing individual income taxes (available in all 50 states)

  • Tax planning

  • Preparing estimated tax payments

  • Amending prior-year returns

  • Representing taxpayers in audits from taxing authorities (whether or not I prepared your return)

  • Reviewing and responding to correspondence form taxing authorities

Business Tax 

Business returns (including corporations and partnerships) have different requirements from individual returns. Some additional needs include income and payroll taxes, monthly accounting, and bookkeeping.

Services are similar to individual tax preparation, but focus on your company.


Employee payroll can be time consuming and frustrating. Keeping tabs with withholding forms, payroll taxes, and remitting monthly and quarterly payroll returns takes valuable time that you could spend growing your business.
Call on me to handle your payroll needs - whether you just need help with filing quarterly payroll returns to full service payroll processing.

Services include:

  • Payroll processing / Maintaining employee earnings records

  • Preparation of payroll tax deposits

  • Preparation of quarterly and annual payroll tax returns

  • Preparation of annual Form W-2s

  • Preparation of annual Form 1099s

  • Process withholdings

  • Electronic drafts /deposits/transfers related to payroll

  • Federal, State, and Local tax remittance



If accounting is the language of business, bookkeeping is your primary method of understanding the pulse of your business. Call on me for financial statement preparation, cash flow analysis, bank statement reconciliation or just to understand how your business is doing.


Services include:

  • General ledger data entry

  • Bank statement reconciliations

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Maintain detail listing of fixed assets & calculate depreciation, if applicable

  • Analyze accounting records and recommend adjusting entries, if applicable

  • Assist management in recording journal entries in the general ledger, upon request



I provide a wide variety of individual and business accounting and tax consulting services. Accounting is a broad and diverse field, and each question is as unique as the individual posing it.


Consulting services are provided on an hourly fee basis to be discussed prior to commencing work.

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